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We'll take care of you quickly, with the right motor oil at the right price. Call ahead to find out how much oil changes cost for 2020 Kia Sorentos. Make an appointment for an oil change service today and let the oil experts take care of your Sorento's engine. For your convenience, many of our stores are open late and on weekends!.

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Kia Sorento burning smell causes and how to fix it 1. Oil leak. An engine oil leak can cause burning smell in Kia Sorento, particularly when oil drips onto the exhaust... 2. Coolant or other fluid leak. Kia Sorento needs multiple type of fluids like.

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Oil on Exhaust. Another reason you may experience a burning smell coming from your Sorento is oil on the exhaust. This is almost always caused by oil leaking from the valve covers onto the exhaust manifold. If this is the case, take a look under the hood with the engine cold and off, you should be able to see evidence that the oil is leaking.


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The Kia Sorento isn't a top of the line SUV, but owners still expect the engine to be durable and full of performance. The automaker is known to provide reliable vehicles, but something seems to have gone wrong with this model. Just look at what this Edmunds review states. "There are serious problems with the transmission or engine misfire.

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